Gambling Addiction


Are you a Gambling Addict?

Medically termed as Ludomania, Gambling is an uncontrollable impulse which is enjoyed in spite of knowing what it causes to you and your family. Some harmful effects of Gambling can be loss of property, loss of career and broken family relationships. Addicting to Gambling is similar to addiction of drugs and alcohols. With just one win you feel a high and urge to play more often, hoping to win over and over again. Your failure to curb the desire to gamble can make you addicted to gambling.

Some tell-tale signs of a Gambling addict are hiding about his whereabouts, giving lame excuses for jobs not done on time; missing dinner dates with a loved one and so on. A gambler gets careless with his money, suffers losses in a row, always sports an empty wallet and starts borrowing money from friends and other people just to finance his addiction. Ultimately he may show suicidal tendencies if he goes on to lose his family and home.

Gambling is Curable:

Gambling starts as a fun activity and ends up as a disaster. This addiction brings about just negative consequences. Yet this addiction can be treated, like any other addiction phenomenon. There are many rehabilitation centers for gambling addicts who can be contacted either personally or online. If you wish for an online option you will be asked to fill up an assessment form, in which you have to inform everything truthfully as the treatment depends on the data you in put. The institution will contact you and discuss the suitable manner of treating your gambling addiction. Although it is difficult to get away from gambling addiction, yet with great will power and some treatment you can win over this addiction.

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